course (plural courses)

  1. The itinery of a race
    The cross-country course passes the canal
  2. A period of learning
    I need to take a French course to pep up
  3. A part of a meal
    We offer seafood as the first course
  4. (sports) trajectory of a ball, Frisbee etc.
  5. (boating) The intended passage of voyage
    a course was plotted to traverse the ocean
  6. (bricklaying) A row of bricks
  7. The path taken by a waterway

6 letters in word "course": C E O R S U.

Anagrams of course:

Words found within course:

cero ceros cor core cores cors corse cos cose cour coure cours cru crus cruse cue cues cur cure cures curs curse eco ecru ecrus ecu ecus er eros ers es euro euros oe oes or orc orcs ore ores ors os ose ou our ours re rec recs res roc rocs roe roes rose roue roues rouse ruc rucs rue rues ruse sco score scour scur sec seco ser so soc sore sou souce sour sucre sue suer sur sure ur ure ures us use user

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